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David Baddiel's memoir "My Family: The Memoir" explores his Jewish family's complex background, touching on themes of identity and generational trauma.
The text discusses the legacy of the Klausenberger Rebbe, particularly focusing on his experiences during the Holocaust, his founding of Laniado Hospital in Netanya as a beacon of hope and fulfillment of a vow made during that time, and his impact on survivors and the medical field in Israel.
Over 150 survivors of the Nova Festival gathered for a Shabbaton hosted by Kesher Yehudi at the David Citadel Hotel in Jerusalem, supported by the Rieder family from the US.
Australian Jews were subjected to a mass doxxing incident following the Oct. 7 Hamas massacre, where personal information of prominent Jews was exposed by pro-Palestinian activists on the Zio600 list.
The article addresses the privilege of Jewish anti-Zionists in America who criticize Zionism while benefiting from the safety and opportunities provided by the United States, which their ancestors accessed before restrictive immigration policies were implemented.
The essay discusses the dangers of making assumptions in the Jewish world, emphasizing the importance of questioning assumptions to avoid unfounded conclusions.
Antisemitism has been on the rise in Australia since October 7, with incidents ranging from doxing and boycotts to violent attacks targeting the Jewish community, even impacting well-known individuals like Holocaust survivors and their descendants.
Deb Bowen, a Christian farmer's daughter, has spearheaded the project "A Book By Me," aiming to preserve Holocaust survivors' stories by pairing middle- and high school students with survivors to create illustrated books.
The text discusses the importance of preserving Holocaust survivors' testimonies for future generations, highlighting the new Testimony 360 tool developed by the Holocaust Educational Trust.
Josh Fox, a director whose family survived the Holocaust, shares his journey recovering from long COVID-19 through his new project "The Edge of Nature," a film and theatrical experience.
David Shrayer-Petrov, a refusenik from the Soviet Union who found literary freedom in America, passed away at 88 after facing antisemitic persecution.
Geddy Lee's memoir "My Effin Life" delves into the life of the renowned rock musician and child of Auschwitz survivors.
In the midst of challenging times faced by Jewish parents and grandparents, feelings of fear and anxiety are prevalent due to concerns about safety, antisemitism, and the ongoing conflict.
Larry Nussbaum, a dedicated pediatrician turned radiologist known for his cutting-edge work at Liberty Hospital in Kansas City, passed away at 77.
Descendants of Holocaust survivors, part of a community called Generations Forward, are proactively engaging with their family trauma and sharing their stories to ensure the preservation of Holocaust education as survivors age.
Claudia Sheinbaum, Mexico's first female and Jewish president, has been inaccurately portraying her family's Holocaust survival story, claiming her mother was born in Mexico when records show she was born in Bulgaria and survived the Holocaust.
"Treasure" and "A Real Pain" are two films that explore the theme of Holocaust tourism and its impact on Jewish identity.
In Northern Virginia's 10th District, a Democratic congressional primary between Jewish candidates Eileen Filler-Corn and Dan Helmer underscores the growing Jewish population in the area.
Roxanne de Bastion, a singer-songwriter, was inspired by her Hungarian-Jewish grandfather Stephen's survival story during the Holocaust, which led her to write a book and release an album of his compositions.
After facing backlash, the Vancouver comics festival apologized to Miriam Libicki, a Jewish artist it had previously banned due to her past Israeli military service, which had sparked pro-Palestinian activism and accusations of creating a volatile atmosphere.
The author reflects on their experiences of feeling like an outsider from childhood through adulthood, particularly in Hollywood due to their outspoken support for Israel.
Montana Tucker discusses the challenges of being a proud Jew in the face of ignorance and conformism among Gen Z in a Youtube video.
The author reflects on the passing of their grandparent, Grandma Frances, who belonged to a remarkable generation that faced hardships during the Second World War, contrary to the focus usually placed on Holocaust survivors.
Jaclyn Grossman, a soprano opera singer, performs both Wagner, despite his antisemitism, and Yiddish opera written by Holocaust survivors and victims.
"Replay: Past and Present" discusses Jordan Mechner's works, focusing on his 1997 game The Last Express featuring a Jewish character, Anna, and his graphic memoir Replay.