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The text discusses the challenge of leadership succession and the importance of empowering the next generation, drawing parallels between leadership transitions in the Torah portion and real-world examples like Joe Biden supporting Kamala Harris.
The author reflects on their parenting journey with six children, noting Jewish summer camp as a top decision for fostering Jewish identity in their kids despite facility shortcomings.
The video showcases footage of people working with dough, focusing on the process of making sourdough bread, and subtly highlights the theme of Shabbat.
The article discusses how Joe Biden embodies Jewish concepts of strength through humility, integrity, and putting values over self-interest, contrasting it with Donald Trump's display of weakness through vulgar and adolescent behavior.
The text describes a reflective journey of choosing a gravestone for a grandfather, navigating through different options like colors and sizes while contemplating personal beliefs and family desires.
A woman writes to a column seeking advice about her retired husband not sharing household chores adequately, describing him as the "king of futzing."
The video explores the concept of Shabbat and its significance in Jewish tradition.
The video demonstrates an Orthodox Jewish family lighting Shabbat candles and reflecting on the significance of this act in honoring the day of rest.
The column discusses the balancing act of being both a universal and particular funder in the Jewish philanthropic world post-Oct.
Ruth Westheimer, known as a Lion of Judah and a prominent sexologist, passed away at 96.
Dr. Ruth Westheimer, a Holocaust survivor and renowned sex therapist, passed away at the age of 96 in Manhattan.
Ruth Westheimer, known as Dr. Ruth, passed away at 96, leaving a legacy as a Holocaust survivor, Israeli military veteran, and pioneering sex therapist whose radio show broke taboos and emphasized healthy dialogue among partners.
A video detailing the significance of a Bar Mitzvah, the Jewish coming-of-age ceremony for 13-year-old boys.
The discussion addresses the ideal age for leadership, presenting the benefits of both younger and older leaders.
Rabbi Mari Chernow reflects on the power of words in Jewish tradition and the current truth crisis affecting society, as discussed in the book "These Truths We Hold: Judaism in an Age of Truthiness."
The text discusses the connection between Anti-Zionists and Reform Jews, delving into the author's personal journey and observations within the Reform Jewish community.
The article discusses the reflections on democracy within the context of Judaism, particularly in the current political landscape in the United States and Israel.
Despite growing up with little connection to her Jewish roots, a woman discovers her Russian Jewish identity through her father's imprisonment for being Jewish in Azerbaijan.
The text criticizes the Conservative Party's attempt to attack Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer for prioritizing Friday night dinners with his family by falsely claiming he would be a part-time prime minister.
The poem reflects on the act of stirring chicken soup while contemplating the story of Abraham buying Sarah's burial place.
Legal scholar Noah Feldman discusses the Ten Commandments, Christian nationalism, and the Jewish perspective on church and state issues.
The author reflects on her son's journey leading up to his Bar Mitzvah, noting his initial reluctance and eventual engagement in the preparation process.
A Jewish individual grappling with their faith in light of the war in Gaza seeks guidance on the teachings of Judaism regarding war, morality, and proportionate response.
In response to a High Court ruling that charedim must serve in the IDF, there is criticism of the charedi community's focus on Torah study and exemption from military service.
Several Jewish families, alongside others, are part of a lawsuit challenging a new Louisiana law mandating the display of the Ten Commandments in public school classrooms.