Howard Jacobson explores the themes of literature, Jewish identity, and the character of Shylock in his works Zoo Time and Shylock Is My Name.
There is a growing call for increased diversity in comic book adaptations, exemplified by debates over the casting of characters like Iron Fist and Aquaman.
Guest Ben Ostrower, known for creating Bernie Sanders' logo, discusses the evolution of campaign logos, particularly how the Obama campaign elevated branding in elections.
Dr. Adar Yarum from Ben Gurion University discusses Cyriac of Ancona, a 15th-century traveler considered Europe's first archaeologist for unveiling ancient Classical wonders to Renaissance Italy.
In this edition, Allison, Don, and Noah explore the infiltration of human rights organizations by right-wing moles, questioning what actions should be taken.
This episode of Unorthodox features discussions on a range of topics, including Bar Refaeli's pregnancy, Mel Gibson's return to the spotlight, and interviews with guests like painter Archie Rand, who discusses his ambitious project depicting all 613 Jewish mitzvot in his book "The 613."
Robert Capa, the renowned photojournalist, captured iconic moments in history, including Israel's establishment in 1948 by David Ben-Gurion.
Assaf Gamzou, curator at the Israeli Cartoon Museum, discusses a new exhibition showcasing Bible stories depicted in caricatures, exploring the connection between cartoons and Judaism.
The article discusses the stage production of "The Rothschilds & Sons" by Sheldon Harnick, Jerry Bock, and Sherman Yellen, focusing on the story of the Rothschild banking family's rise to power in Europe.
Renowned Israeli painter Yosl Bergner, son of prolific Yiddish poet Melekh Ravitch, is celebrated for his artistic talent and family legacy.
Philip Roth's novella "The Ghost Writer" features a discussion between the character Nathan Zuckerman and the writer E.I. Lonoff, resembling Bernard Malamud and Henry Roth, about the life and art of fiction, where Lonoff mentions the complex life of Abravanel, likely referring to Saul Bellow.
Joann Sfar, a prominent French comic book creator, delves into Jewish themes in his works, notably exploring the challenges of anti-Semitism and Jewish identity in Europe.
Dr. Noa Lavie, a sociologist at Tel Aviv-Yaffo Academic College, explores the influence of capitalism and art on reality television in Israel and beyond.
Dr. Edna Barromi Perlman, a photography scholar and professor at the University of Haifa, discusses with host Gilad Halpern the significance of landscape photography in Palestine/Eretz Israel/the Holy Land, highlighting its role as a political and ideological tool in the region's history.
Dr. Edna Barromi Perlman discusses how early landscape photography in Israel became a powerful political and ideological tool, exploring the concept of Landscape Orientalism in the Holy Land.
Dr. Susan Nashman Fraiman, an art historian at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, discusses her research on the development of candle-lighting practices, particularly the Shabbat Lamp, among Ashkenazi Jews.
Sheldon Adelson, a Jewish casino tycoon and major political donor, is now the proud owner of a painting by former U.S. President George W. Bush, known for his amateur art since 2012.
The 29th Annual Purim Ball at the Jewish Museum was a lively event attended by over 700 guests, raising $2 million.
Artist Alexsandro Palombo sparked controversy with his series of drawings depicting 'The Simpsons' as famished inmates of Auschwitz, using Nazi Holocaust imagery to educate future generations about the atrocities of the Holocaust.
Despite the vast knowledge found in the Babylonian Talmud about classical Jewish life, law, and culture from the 3rd to the 6th century C.E., there has been little surviving historical context beyond the text itself.
POLIN, the Museum of the History of Polish Jews in Warsaw, was conceived as a tribute to Jewish life in Poland rather than another Holocaust memorial.
Helena Rubinstein, a pioneering Jewish female entrepreneur, transformed the beauty industry through her sheer entrepreneurial and marketing skills, amassing great wealth and cultural influence by establishing the Helena Rubinstein brand in numerous countries.
Martin Greenfield is a renowned figure in mens fashion, having tailored suits for top personalities like President Obama and celebrities such as Michael Jackson and Johnny Depp.
Israeli artist Dani Gal's installation "As from Afar" at the Jewish Museum explores the unexpected late-life friendship between Nazi hunter Simon Wiesenthal and Nazi architect Albert Speer.
The article discusses the work of comics scholar Steve Bergson, who explores comic books with Jewish content, highlighting various Jewish superheroes and stories within the comic book world.

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