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Project 2025, a conservative policy agenda attributed to the Heritage Foundation, has become a concern for American Jews due to its potential impact on authoritarianism, religious freedom, and its ties to Christian Nationalism, which many see as rooted in antisemitism.
In a debate between Ushi Teitelbaum and Diana Leygerman on who would make a better president, Teitelbaum supports Trump, citing his leadership, policies, and stance on issues like immigration and crime, while criticizing Biden's performance and foreign policy decisions.
The text discusses the United Nations revising Gaza casualty statistics during the Israel-Gaza conflict and highlights discrepancies in the numbers reported by Hamas and the UN.
The text discusses somber realities facing Jews in America and Israel.
U.S. Congressman Brad Schneider faced anti-Semitic vandalism and harassment at his home and office, with a masked mob shouting vile statements and tearing down photos of hostages held by Hamas.
Lihi Lapid, Israel's former First Lady and a successful writer, discusses her foray into politics, highlighting the caution required in choosing words carefully.
Victoria Starmer, the wife of newly elected U.K. Prime Minister Sir Keir Starmer, recently made her debut as the first Jewish First Lady of Britain, showcasing her style and commitment to public service.
Keir Starmer's leadership of the Labour Party is praised as trustworthy and commendable, with the party securing a significant majority in the wake of concerns over the Conservative government's performance, including the handling of Partygate and economic issues.
In a commentary drawing parallels between President Joe Biden and the biblical figure Jonah, Emily Tamkin highlights the importance of prioritizing democracy over individual ambitions.
The debate over the number of civilian deaths in Gaza has been marred by political agendas, hindering a clear understanding of the true human cost of the conflict.
The article highlights the current challenges faced by Israel and the Jewish community, emphasizing the importance of recommitting to Jewish pride and Zionism in the face of increasing hostility and antisemitism.
A group of American and international organizations sent a letter to the United Nations urging them to condemn Hamas for their use of sexual violence against Israeli women and girls.
The Democratic platform committee recently heard contrasting opinions on the party's stance towards Israel, with some advocating for continued military aid and others calling for cuts.


In a Moment Debate between Ushi Teitelbaum and Diana Leygerman on who would make a better president, Teitelbaum supports Trump due to his leadership during his term, especially in foreign policies and business.
Three leaders of the Lev Tahor religious cult received sentences of more than 10 years in prison for child exploitation and kidnapping after abducting two siblings in 2018.
Roman Soibelis, a 78-year-old man living in Beltsy, Moldova, is dedicated to preserving Jewish traditions and assisting the local Jewish community in a region where Jewish heritage was decimated during the Holocaust.
David Kachko Katzir was known for his adventurous spirit, love for his family, and passion for carrier pigeons, despite not being a great cook.
Rabbi Dweck discusses the importance of not allowing emotions to solely guide decision-making, particularly in moral matters.
Yisrael Kleinman, a versatile entrepreneur and social worker, runs Clearbrook Builders, a construction firm, and The Cuttery, a woodworking parts service.
The text discusses the importance of judgment in urban communities and how a rejection of criminal justice's core function of judgment has led to societal changes in New York City, particularly in the Upper West Side.


Letty Cottin Pogrebin reflects on her mixed marriage with Bert, who was a logical pragmatist and atheist, while she embraced her Jewish faith fervently.
In Houston, Hurricane Beryl left over a million people without power, drawing a comparison to the biblical story of Job seeking answers amid suffering.
Antonia Cruz-Kent, a Jewish Boricua playwright, draws on her family legacy and ancestry in her works, with a focus on themes of loving, mourning, and embracing ancestors from diverse backgrounds.


The resurgence of interest in ancient Greek polytheism, part of the broader neo-pagan movement, is being observed, with practitioners influenced by pop culture like Percy Jackson as well as scholarly interest.
Amidst the ongoing conflict in Israel, 28 Israeli children with serious illnesses, including cancer, found a temporary escape at Camp Simcha in the Catskills, New York.
The IDF's Medical Corps, led by Brigadier-General Professor Elon Glassberg, significantly reduced the case fatality rate from 15% in 2006 to 6.5% during the recent Gaza war by deploying more medical personnel closer to the battlefield, streamlining evacuation processes, and using innovative treatments like powdered plasma and whole blood transfusions.


Delmore Schwartz, a prominent Jewish writer associated with the New York intellectuals, made a significant impact with his short story "In Dreams Begin Responsibilities" and innovative poetry acclaimed by the likes of Allen Tate.

Jewish Law

Rav Yehuda Leib HaLevi Ashlag, also known as Baal HaSulam, was a key figure in popularizing Kabbalah and the Zohar in the 20th century.
Rabbi Kenneth Brander shares insights on the challenges facing Israel's Chief Rabbinate, highlighting the need for a more inclusive and responsive institution that can serve the diverse Jewish population in Israel and beyond.


New York University settled a discrimination lawsuit brought by Jewish undergraduate students following incidents of antisemitism on campus by paying the plaintiffs and establishing a new coordinator position focused on tackling discrimination, including antisemitism.
In France, the recent defeat of Marine Le Pen's far-right party in elections by a left-wing coalition has left many French Jews conflicted.


Actor and former Disney star Raviv Ullman, also known as Ricky Ullman, has recently become a Jewish father with his wife, Julia Pott, who is an animator and illustrator.
"A Family Affair" is a light-hearted rom-com available on Netflix that follows the story of a young assistant, Zara, to a famous actor, Chris, played by Jewish actors Zac Efron and Joey King.


Actress Jessica Hecht, known for her role in Fiddler on the Roof, developed The Campfire Project to provide creative healing for young refugees globally.
Israeli extremists have caused the closure of the Israel pavilion at the Venice Biennale, a prestigious international art exhibition, by demanding a ceasefire and the release of hostages before opening it to the public.


The 2024 Paris Olympics will feature a strong Jewish presence, with notable athletes like Israeli gymnast Artem Dolgopyat, American wrestler Amit Elor, Australian canoe paddler Jessica Fox, and US fencer Nick Itkin among those to watch.


The text discusses a recipe for Dilled Rice with Limas and Sugar Snaps, which is a variation on a traditional Persian dish called Baghali polo.
Donald Trump recently lamented the decline in bacon consumption in America, attributing it to rising prices, despite his personal wealth.


The Sheba Medical Center in Israel has been quietly providing treatment and shelter for 24 seriously ill patients from Gaza and their families since before October.
The Moetzes of the American Agudah issued a message portraying the situation for Torah scholars in Israel as a spiritual holocaust due to government decrees demanding military service.
Israel is withholding the body of deceased Palestinian prisoner Walid Daqqa, who spent 38 years in prison, in the hopes of using it as leverage in negotiations with Hamas for Israeli hostages in Gaza.
The text discusses the "over-romanticism of Israel" that some people fall into, highlighting how Israel is often idealized beyond its complex realities, including internal socio-political challenges, geopolitical issues, and the diverse population's daily lives.
While some Native Americans compare Israel to a colonial power, indigenous groups like Indigenous Embassy Jerusalem and the Indigenous Coalition For Israel support Israel, recognizing Jews as indigenous to the Holy Land.


Sergeant First-Class Yakir Shmuel Tatelbaum, a 21-year-old Israeli-American soldier from Michigan who died in battle in Gaza, was remembered for his dedication to his country and his desire to contribute even in death by donating organs.
The text discusses the legacy of the Klausenberger Rebbe, particularly focusing on his experiences during the Holocaust, his founding of Laniado Hospital in Netanya as a beacon of hope and fulfillment of a vow made during that time, and his impact on survivors and the medical field in Israel.


A new musical titled "Go!" brings a fresh perspective to the story of Moses and the Exodus, focusing on his complexities as a character and the challenges he faced after leading the people out of Egypt.


Jewish independent schools in the UK are facing potential financial challenges due to Labour's proposed policies of levying VAT on school fees at private schools and removing business rates relief.
Dr. Yaakov Ophir, a clinical psychologist and author, challenges the idea that ADHD is a valid and helpful diagnosis, arguing that there are no objective physiological markers to prove its existence and that the criteria used to define it are subjective.


"The Guide to the Perplexed" by Moses Maimonides has long been shrouded in mystery and controversy within Jewish circles.


The article discusses the teachings of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, focusing on the importance of collectivity, generosity, and empathy as ways to transcend oneself.

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